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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Introduction to Telecommunications

We had our first lecture of SPPM 1013 (Telecommunication & Networking) today !

It's 29 February 2012, somehow a special day right? It only comes around once every 4 years.

I'm not a Computer Science student either. The subject only comes around when I'm doing TESL :)

I use my right hand to write, learning good English ; and my left hand to click on the keyboard, learning how to teach with the aid of technologies.

Well, today's lecture has seemingly given us a head start :)

At the very beginning, Dr.Dayang provided very lively examples to explain what communication is :D 

Dating a tree and getting no response is NOT a form of communication.

 However, instructing your pet..

" Sit here doggie bro. Let's be partners. Have the world under eyelids together!" 

Your pet listens, comes to you right behind the window..(what a literary dog XD)

Bingo ! 

and it's a 2-way-communication accomplished ! :D

In short, communication is imparting, conveying, exchange of meaningful thoughts, messages,ideas, knowledge or information by signs and sounds between 2 or more parties.

Telecommunication, on the other hand means communication over a long distance.

 So is long distance love telelove? hehe.

It's quite astonished to learn that communications technology has been started since as early as year 1562...

450 years of development maketh a world without borders today :)

Move on to the ELEMENTS of computer and communications technology...

Among six, PEOPLE is the most important element as peopleware builds, analyses and develops the entire system.

Who could the people be?
  1. Professional - programmer, computer engineer,etc
  2. End user (those who only know how to use without special training)- Clerk,teacher, etc
PROCEDURE is a specification of the series of actions which have to be executed.

DATA refers to binary, machine-readable representation of information.

Any physical objects that are part of the computer system, we name it HARDWARE.

There are 5 categories of ICT device :
  1.  Input
  2.  Process
  3.  Output
  4.  Storage
  5.  Communication

SOFTWARE, on the contrary, has no material form.
It refers to instructions that control the functioning of the computer. There are

2 types of Software : System software & Application software.

Last but not least, COMMUNICATION involves conversion of data :

analog --> digital  
digital--> analog

With that, it's my summary of the first lesson XD

My little reflection of the day:

Dr. Dayang is a brisk and bright lecturer :) What I've really been inspired by her is that she knows students very well. She knows which part of the lecture is gonna be "boring". With this understanding, it sheered the boredom off in the opposite way round. It became the portrayal of a sense of humour.

“arr...boring yer...” said Dr.Dayang :)

I'll definitely keep this attention-drawing, tactical quote of hers in my mind and harness it appropriately when it comes to teaching topics which students normally find uninteresting in near future :D


  1. ahaha... ur hands are so multipurpose! and you got a very nice dog ^^

    1. hahaha... of course, coz we're TESLian right ? XD must be somehow multi-functional XD
      thanks for reading ^^