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Saturday, 28 April 2012


My dad always tells me, " You must have cable if you'd like to succeed your career."

Cable Cable, what does that mean? XD

In terms of telecommunication and networking, cabling is a medium through which information usually moves from one network device to another.

Several types of cable are commonly used with LANS. But in some cases, a network utilizes only 1 type of cable.

There are 5 types of Cable:

1.Unshielded Twisted Pair ( UTP) 

- Wires are twisted.
- 4 pairs of wires
- each pair is twisted with a different number of twists per inch 
- eliminate interference from adjacent pairs and other electrical devices

Standard connector: an RJ-45 connector 

2.Shielded Twisted Pair ( STP )

- 2 individual wires wrapped in a foil shielding
- provide more reliable data communication
- suitable for environment with electrical interference
- the extra shielding might make the cable bulky
- Often used on networks like  Token Ring Topology

3. Coaxial Cabling

- has a single copper conductor at its center
- a plastic layer provides insulation between the center conductor and a braided
  metal field.
- The metal shields help to block outside interference

-Connector : BNC connector ( available for different types of adapters)

4. Fibre optics cable

-consists of a center glass core surrounded by several layers of protective materials
- transmits light rather than electronic signals eliminating the problem of electrical interference.
-ideal for certain environments that contain a large amount of electrical interference..
- able to transmit signals over much longer distances than coaxial and twisted pair.


Physical Topology

Find stationary written notes boring? Click this video ^^

My little reflection of the day: 

Today my classmates shared us the baby steps of creating a blog.Very interesting. And I realise that the particulars of a blog are much more complex than what I know superficially.

I think class presentation is very immportant as it clearly points out our ignorance. :)

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