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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Internet Protocol

Last lecture of telecommunication & Networking !
While being busy up and down these days... 
I realise that every good thing must come to an end.

This week, we learnt about internet protocol.

Internet protocol 

-is the internet standard protocol that provides a common later over different networks.

-Every computer has unique IP address

-IP address consists of 32 bits ( 4 octets, 0-255)

-consists of 2 parts : identifying the network, identifying the node/host

-Classes of address determines which part belongs to the network and which part belongs to the node.

-All nodes has same network prefix but unique host number.

Class A Network

-Binary add starts with 0
-Decimals can be anywhere from 1-126
-The first 8 bits identify the network, the remaining 24 indicates the nodes.

Class B Network 

-Binary add starts with 10
-Decimals can be anywhere from 128-191
-the number 127 is used for loopback and internal testing system
-The first 16 bits identify the network and the remaining 8 indicates the nodes.

Class C Network

-Binary add starst with 110
-Decimals can be anywhere from 192-223
-The first 24 bits identify the network

Class D Network

-Binary add starts with 1110
-Decimals can be anywhere from 224-239
-used for multicasting

Class E Network

-Binary add starts with 1111
-Decimals can be anywhere from 240-255
-Experimentation, never been utilized

What is ISP?

- Internet service provider.
- Organisation that provides access to the internet.

What is HTTP?

-Hypertext transfer protocol
-application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information system.
-foundation of data communication for WWW (World Wide Web)

My little reflection of the day:

Thanks to the course, now I understand more about telecommunication & networking. Dr Dayang has been conducting a real useful rudiment. Even though it is not my core subject, it's always of no harm to learn more out of the box :)
Knowledge should not be bounded or confined. I hope that all these insights will be helpful in my future english teaching. It's an era of technology, I am convinced that english teachers must also be weaponed with ICT literacy... :)

Thank you dearest lecturer and readers ! I had a whale of a time here :)

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